The Mill 's History

1860 - 1964

Viemose Millis a Dutch Windmill with a wing span of 29 “alen” ( 2 Danish feet= 1,258 meters) or approximately 35 meters. This Mill is built at Nr. Viemose Mark, Kalvehave parish.

The Mill was built by farmer and parish council chairman Niels Sørensen. According to the Fire Insurance of 1873 the owner was then Frederik F. Jensen.

In 1881 Frederik F. Jensen sells the Mill to Christian Nielsen, at this point in time he is also the owner of the steam driven mill on the land registery number 45, which he bought from his father Niels Madsen.

Christian Nielsen sells the Mill to his son, Frederik W. Nielsen in 1910. The deed is registered on 21, June, 1910 with the purchase price of 12,000 Dkr. The same year a combustion engine is installed with a cooling basin. The warehouse was built in 1923. In 1936 electricity was installed for the Mill and the combustion engine was replaced by a 15 horsepower electric motor.

It is said that the wings were removed from the Mill in 1956.

Frederik W. Nielsen continued with the grain and feed business until he sold the Mill in 1964 to Allan W. Grove.

2014 -

The 27th of May, 2014Viemose Mill Guildwas established and on the 15th of March, 2015 the Mill was transfered to the Mill Guild. Already with the establishment of the Mill Guild, volunteers started cleaning up around the Mill, making it stand out in the landscape.

Due to the help of donations from SEAS NVE (the electricity co.) as well as Vordingborg Municipality, it has been possible to buy some materials enabling renewing the floor, renovating brickwork and at the present rebuilding of the supports for the reefing stage or gallery. Concerning the future, as far as we are able to do ourselves, are completing the present projects on the Mill and restoring the warehouse. With the cooperation of the Millwright xxxxxxxxx together with the local Master Carpenter Søren H. Rasmussen a bid was made for the construction of a new gallery/stage as well as cutting the trees for the projected wings, blocking them out and drying/curing for 3-4 years beffore they can be workedinto the final wings. The project will cost altogether at least 1 million Dkr. To raise this much money we will need to start petitioning different foundations.

Everyone is welcome to come visit the Mill to see how things progress and if you are so inclined you are welcome to give a helping hand.

"The good old days"


The Mills’ Day

It is traditional for mills in Denmark to hold a yearly Mill

Day the third Sunday in June 10-16 o’clock where

everyone is welcome.

Come and see a mill being restored. Pancakes served

with preserves as well as coffee, beer and soda will be


Work Party

There is a work party everyTuesdayfrom 10 to 15

o’clock. Volunteers who want to give a hand are

welcome if for nothing more than the social



A Sunday in December there is for Christmas “Hygge”

at the Mill.


   To contact the Viemose Mill Guild

   For Questions or Comments

   Chairman: Stig Eriksson

   +45 31 13 24 03

    The Mill Guild’s homesite:

Left: around 1950. Above: around 1900 and 1970.

Underneath: 1916